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school kids being transported to and from school with Cooee Coach Charters,Cooee Coach Charters Austalia provide buses and coaches for Emergency Last Minute Buses, Wine Tours and Casino Trips, Government and Military Groups, Disaster & Evacuation Services, Sporting Events and Competitions, Nationwide Entertainer Tours, Employee Shuttle Programs, Private Groups & Small Business, Concerts and Music Festivals, Corporate and Group Transportation, School and Churches, College and Universities, Conventions and Trade Shows, Family Reunions and Events Rallies, Marches, Political Events, Airport Transportation Service, Weddings and Special Occasions, Promotional Bus Wraps, Hospital & Clinic Shuttles, Airline Staff Transport, Movie Production Services, Campus Shuttles, Kid's Birthday Parties, Long Term Contracts, Senior Groups, All Events and Occasions.   Vehicles available for charter include,  7 Seater, 14 Seater, 24 Seater,  48 Seat Coaches,  57 Seat Coaches,  70 Seat Coaches.   We provide our bus & coach charter services all over Australia, including Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Darwin, Alice Springs, Cairns, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Adelaide, Tasmania

Our kids need the ultimate in care when being transported to and from school

That's why we invest in modern buses & coaches to not only make the young ones feel comfortable, but also parents and guardians to know when their kids travel the "Sunshine Coast Bus Lines Way", they're in great hands!

When looking to charter transport for your precious school children look no further...

...Think Sunshine Coast Bus Lines.   We've been in the transport & logistics business for over 50 years.   We understand what is demanded from those issuing school transport contracts.

Should you be nearing the end of a school transport contract, thinking of starting one, or just wanting to have a general chat, we welcome your contact to request a meeting. 

Require short-term bus charters for school excursions? 


Smart Security

Our buses and coaches are all fitted with GPS and cameras.  Should an incident ever occur, data can be extracted for any confirmations that are needed 

Fantastic Drivers

Our drivers are trained in defensive driving knowing that its the 'other road users' that need to be observed.   Patience and understanding is also traits we look for in School contracts. 


Naturally, all Sunshine Coast Bus Line buses are certified to meet Australian Standards.    We take the transporting of all our guests very seriously & transporting School children is no exception.

Check your school charter availability now!

No payment required!   We'll be back to you in 60 minutes or less to confirm availability of the date , time & vehicle required depending on the number of guest.  Please also read about our COVID-19 Guarantee

What's your desired charter today?

Where can we take you in luxury?

              Anytime is fine with S.C Bus Lines


we provide the ultimate in luxury

The majority of the vehicles we operate are Mercedes.   Our guests enjoy smooth, grand & luxury travel in vehicles that are modern, well maintained and ultra clean,   Experience the difference today. 

From an airport transfer to large group shuttle service,  Bus Charter Services can assist in providing your group with reliable, on time and professional group charter bus & coach rental service.


you're special & always  #1 priority

What we like, is what you want.  To be treated with all the comforts and pampering whilst on your Sunshine Coast Bus Lines.  We go out of our way to accommodate requests & varying needs.  Questions?

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Sunshine Coast Bus Lines Australia we can assist you with providing your group with reliable, on time and professional group charter bus & coach rental & hire service.    Sunshine Coast Bus Lines Australia provide buses and coaches for virtually any type of event, large or small.